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Considering A Motorhome? Try A Trip From Sydney To Cairns

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If you want a break from those typical package holidays at touristy destinations or simply want to get away from your home more often, then you should consider the motorhome lifestyle. It's becoming increasingly popular around Australia and for good reason. This country is blessed with so many beautiful places to visit, ideal for this type of getaway. To whet your appetite, why not consider a two-week overland trek from Sydney to Cairns with your new motorhome? Here is a sample itinerary.

Week One

On the first day, head inland toward the Blue Mountains. You'll discover amazing landmarks such as Wentworth Falls and see some outstanding scenery along the way. Head back towards the coast and spend the night at Port Macquarie, where you will be able to visit the koala wildlife park.

Next, head back toward the coast and Byron Bay, where you can try your hand at snorkelling, scuba diving or surfing. A little drive up the coast is a World Heritage Park called Lamington. You'll feel as if you were going back in time here as you meander through an unspoiled rainforest. Continuing still further north you will come to the whale watching capital of the world at Hervey Bay. Take a short break and schedule a trip over to Fraser Island, to learn more about aboriginal heritage.

Week Two

To start the second week off right, make sure you visit Rockhampton, a place famous for snorkelling, as well as its beaches, caves and offshore coral. More exotic beaches await you in the next couple of days including Airlie Beach, a jumping off point for the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. As you progress you come to Mission Beach. This is a very popular location as it is the site where two World Heritage Sites converge --  the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics rainforest.

Week Three

Now it's time to enter the Tropical Tablelands. Atherton is the capital of this area and is a great place to explore waterfalls, lakes and the amazing landscape. Don't forget to visit the crater lakes and see the Curtain Fig Tree. Then, you can visit Port Douglas, where you will find the oldest living rainforest on earth. Finally, roll your way into Cairns at the end of your two week odyssey, having seen some of the best that Australia has to offer.

A holiday like this will provide a lifetime of memories -- and it's just the first of many awaiting you and your new motorhome. If you're ready to get on the road, contact a motorhome dealer like Horizon Motor Homes.