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3 Splendid Tips For Storing Delicate Glassware Safely

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If you're planning on taking a year off and travelling, chances are you'll need to invest in a self storage unit (like those at Lisarow Self Storage) for all your household items till you return. Packing your household pieces properly will ensure that they remain in unspoiled condition, so you won't have to worry about them. Glassware items are most vulnerable to breakage and damage because of their delicate nature, so extra care must be taken when packing these items. Here are some splendid tips for placing delicate glassware in safe storage.

Pack Each Item Individually for Added Protection

Keep in mind that glassware items like glasses, cups, plates, mirrors and tabletops are easily breakage and may get damaged when rubbed against another surface. That's why all breakable glass items should be wrapped in packing paper or tissue to provide an additional layer of protection. Extra delicate items should be protected by multiple layers of packing paper to keep them safe. Avoid using newspaper, as the ink may rub off if there is excess moisture in the self storage unit and may stain your glassware.

Ensure Sturdy Boxes That Won't Give Way

Place all packed items in a sturdy box and mark the box as fragile. It may also be a good idea to list all the items placed in the box – it's unfair to expect to remember exactly what is in every box after a whole year by sheer memory alone. By listing down every item, you'll know which box to start unpacking with when you return. Make sure you use sturdy boxes, so they don't come apart in the storage unit.

Stack Items Strategically for Optimal Placement

When placing items in the box, it's best to think strategically of how each item should be placed for added protection. Start by placing plates, bowls and saucers sideways to prevent any breakage. Bottles should be placed downwards, so they don't have a lot of movement space. Any empty spaces in the box should be filled with extra packing paper. Place Styrofoam sheets at the top and bottom to give the box an extra layer of protection. Heavy items should naturally be placed at the bottom of the box containing all your breakable glassware. Small mirror frames and framed pictures should be packed in strong cardboard before being placed in boxes.

When placing glassware in self storage for a long time, it's important that you're extra careful while packing—because these items are most susceptible to breakage.