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The Advantages Of Choosing Ceramic Tiles For Your Home Flooring

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Are you interested in opting for ceramic tiles for the flooring for your home but you aren't sure if they will match your desired requirements? Then it makes sense to take the time to learn more about the advantages that ceramic tiles bring. With that thought in mind, read on for the common advantages of almost any ceramic tile flooring.

  • Resistant to fire: from a health and safety perspective ceramic tiles have an advantage over other types of flooring, such as wooden flooring, because they are virtually fireproof. They also do not produce any smoke or toxic fumes when exposed to fire. Furthermore, if they are exposed to the hot sun, then they will not deform, and the surface colours will not fade. This thermal shock proof property makes them ideal when the flooring is exposed to the hot Australian sun for long parts of the day.
  • Moisture resistant: ceramic tiles are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms because they do not absorb water or let it pass through into the sub flooring. This is the case only if the tiles have been installed and grouted professionally.
  • Easy to clean: ceramic tiles will not stain, and when they are spilled on the spill is easy to clean. For example, if you were to spill tomato sauce or chocolate sauce on a ceramic tile, then it could easily be wiped away with a wet cloth. This would not be the case with carpet flooring and some types of wooden flooring.
  • Slip resistance: certain types of tile flooring can be a bit slippery, but ceramic tile flooring has an option which undergoes treatment to become less slippery. This is done by adding just the right amount of abrasive grit to the surface of the tile so that it becomes less slippery, but not too much grit is added to ensure the feel of the flooring is comfortable on bare feet.
  • Durability: ceramic tiles will last for many years because of how scratch and impact resistant they are. However, if they do get damaged and a tile happens to crack, then you can simply replace that specific tile. This is advantageous over other flooring options where damage needs to be repaired by replacing large sections of flooring.
  • Variety of design and colours: ceramic tiles can be of any size, pattern and colour. If you are enthusiastic about your interior décor, then you will be pleased with the amount of choice that's available.

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