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When It's Best to Call a Mobile Locksmith After Being Locked Out of Your Car

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Being locked out of your car is very inconvenient, but fortunately there are many mobile locksmiths available twenty-four hours a day to get you back in quickly and easily. You might be tempted to forego their services in the hopes of saving some money by breaking into your own car—but this is dangerous. Note when it's best to call a mobile locksmith after being locked out of your own car, rather than trying to pick the lock, break in, or even wait for a friend to come and get you.

1. When you don't know what happened to your keys

If you're locked out of your car because you lost your keys, you might call a mobile locksmith to get you back into your car and then also follow you home and change the locks. This is because those keys could now be anywhere, and if you lost them with your identification, a thief knows where you live. They can easily visit your home that night and steal your car with your own keys, or break into your home at their first opportunity, also using your own keys.

For your own safety and to protect your home and car, call a mobile locksmith to let you into your car and change or rekey all the locks of your property when you've lost your keys.

2. When your car has a sophisticated alarm system

A car's alarm system may sound easily when you break a window, but they may also go off when you try to pop a lock on your own. Some sophisticated car alarm systems are meant to sense when someone is trying to break into the car with anything other than a key or proper lock breaking tools; if you were to try to pick the lock with a paper clip or coat hanger or other metallic object, the car's alarm could easily sound.

Rather than risk this, have a mobile locksmith use the right tools to get you in and even reset the alarm if needed.

3. When it's not safe to wait

If you've locked your keys into your car in your own driveway, you may have all the time in the world to try to reach the lock through a window. However, if you locked your keys in your car in an unfamiliar or unsafe area, you don't want to wait for help to arrive. Rather than take time trying to open the lock on your own, call a mobile locksmith so that you can get back into your car and on the road quickly and easily, and stay safe.