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The Five Types of Patio You Want Determine the Patio Builder You Choose

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There are five main types of patios you can choose from when putting a patio in your back yard. The type of patio you choose will determine which patio builder you hire. When you are doing such an important project as patio building, you definitely want to make sure you get your money's worth.

The best way to do this? Choose the right patio builder for your specific need:

Gravel Patio

A gravel patio is going to be the simplest least expensive choice available. You can hire anyone to be this type of patio builder. Anyone with a truck that has the tools to dig out the patio area and the knowledge to tamp down the gravel properly should be able to put this patio in. Most landscaping companies can be hired as a patio builder for this job.

Concrete Patio

Concrete is a good choice of materials for your patio builder to use to create a patio. You can most likely find a patio builder at a concrete company. Concrete is going to be very low maintenance, and unlike gravel it cannot be kicked all over the yard. It is cleaned easily with a hose and will last for many years.

Stamped Concrete Patio

When hiring a patio builder for a stamped concrete patio it is important to hire a patio builder that is skilled in this medium. Stamped concrete is a great low maintenance choice that you can easily personalise. This patio builder will specialise in stamped concrete. This patio builder will also be able to offer you many different colours and patterns. You can even have a stamp made with your family's last name initial.

Stone Patio

Natural stone is a great choice for your landscape. This type of patio builder can be found at a landscape company that specialises in hardscapes. The patio builder can match the stone to your existing landscape or you can pick out the stone yourself that you feel best compliments your backyard area.

Paver Patio

A patio builder for a paver patio can be found at a landscape company that specialises in hardscapes. Pavers give a neat uniform look to your backyard patio and the paver patio builder can help you determine which type of paver that works best for your outside living area. There are many different colours, sizes and shapes of pavers to choose from.

No matter the type of patio you choose your patio builders will give new life to your yard!