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Three Bathroom Design Tips For New Homeowners

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As a new homeowner, decisions on style, decor and home furnishings can be either a cause for conflict or an opportunity to grow closer to your partner in creating a more personal shared space. Bathrooms, in particular, are functional spaces, and new couples will often have disagreements in finding the desired balance between style, comfort and practicality. With this in mind, consider the following tips to avoid letting your bathroom become a war zone and to make the most of the opportunity to create a pleasing and relaxing environment that satisfies both of your needs.

Think comfortable

As it happens, the long-held stereotype that women spend longer in the bathroom might just have some truth to it. Surveys suggest that, over the course of a lifetime, women spend over a year and a half longer in the bathroom than men. Though gender roles are steadily shifting, women today are still more likely to indulge in a long, relaxing bath, so consider splashing out on some attractive bathroom accessories such as wall-mounted candle holders and high-quality bath mats to create a relaxing ambience and a more comfortable environment.

Think practical 

Happily, thinking practically can often go hand-in-hand with thinking comfortably. Men may be more likely to dash in and out of the bathroom for a quick shower and shave; however, the addition of simple features like a heated towel rack makes stepping out of the shower that much more pleasant, whilst also keeping towels dry and sanitary. Heated towel racks in a brushed-steel finish add a high-end gloss to your bathroom as well as functionality and luxury.

Think novel

Moving into a new home together gives a chance to really create an environment that reflects both your individuality and your identity as a couple. It is also an ideal opportunity to make all of your friends jealous. For a high-end finish to your bathroom, consider the installation of tasteful permanent fixtures such as stone, wall-mounted soap dishes to add a special touch and robust feel or even an automatic liquid soap dispenser. In addition to being more sanitary, the novelty of these will never wear off for your guests and will create the impression of a classy hotel in your own home!

The take-home message...

As a couple moving into your first home, make sure you embrace the opportunity to make a space that is truly yours. Be sure not to get caught up in arguing over minor details, and instead have fun with the process. Compromise where necessary, and always remember what's most important — making each other happy!