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3 Inspired Ideas To Introduce Custom Curtains For Children's Bedrooms

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Curtains are excellent window furnishing additions for your kid's bedroom because they give you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to design, style, colour and texture. Whether you're looking for bright bold patterns or dramatic colour, custom made curtains are just the window treatment you need to perk up children's bedrooms. Here are some smart ideas for introducing imaginative custom made curtains for your children's bedroom.

Dramatic Colour Inspires Creativity

If you want to make a bold style statement, add dramatic colour to your children's bedroom with bright red or fiery orange curtains. Not only do these bold colours create drama, but they also inspire your child's creativity. By displaying your penchant for taking smart risks, you could be encouraging your child to be innovative in all his or her activities. For a truly dramatic effect, choose curtains in upbeat colours. Bright shades of reds, greens, oranges, purples and pinks create theatrical intensity that can liven up any child's bedroom while inspiring creativity. If your child has a favourite colour, you can introduce a bold shade of that colour into the room.

Eclectic Patterns Deliver Instant Visual Appeal

Patterned curtains deliver instant decorative value and will add a touch of vibrancy to your child's bedroom. If solid colours dictate your kid's bedroom walls, don't be scared to choose bold curtain patterns for maximum visual appeal. Large graphic patterns and floral tributes can look especially amazing when their colours resonate with your existing décor for an intensely attractive homogenous appearance. Polka dotted patterns and geometric shapes bring eclectic appeal to the kid's bedroom.

Cartoon Characters Spread Cheer and Excitement

Your daughter loves her Barbie doll collection? Why not bring it to life in the form of Barbie-inspired custom made curtains for her bedroom? Your son loves the Avengers? Create life-size images of these superheroes on his windows. You can choose any cartoon character to bring to life in your kid's bedroom, so don't hold back –– your kids will thank you for it. Superheroes, action cartoons, mermaids, dolls and princesses are all excellent choices. If you have a specific print or cartoon character in mind, chances are you can bring it to life when you choose custom made curtains for your kid's bedroom.

The best part of choosing custom made curtains is that you can get them in any style, colour and pattern you desire –– use these inspired ideas to introduce dynamic window treatments to your kid's bedroom.