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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Small or Large Spaces

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Has your kitchen started feeling and looking dull? Are you looking to spice things up a bit? If so, a kitchen upgrade might just be the solution. Don't worry, a kitchen upgrade doesn't mean that you have to start tearing down the whole kitchen just to have it looking good again. Learn just how to make your kitchen space delectable and user-friendly again with custom kitchen cabinets. It does not matter if you have a small kitchen or a huge kitchen area, there are options for you!

Small Kitchens

Even if you don't have plenty of space to move things around, custom kitchen cabinets have a major benefit – creating an illusion of larger spaces. If you're looking for this primarily, cabinets with glass-fronts are the best choices for offering your kitchen a feeling of vast space. With such cabinets, you could also place your best cutlery and dishes on display. This allows you to easily see where each cooking supply is without having to search around for it all day!

The designs for these custom cabinets vary, ranging from framed-window installs to cabinets that feature French or mesh appeals. The renovator that you hire for the job will be capable of picking a style that's in your best interests. If you want more storage space, consider purchasing pieces that can extend to your ceiling's height. Doors in either walnut or oak will make your tiny kitchen appear huge.

Large Kitchens

If you own a large room designated for dining and cooking, you're lucky in terms of custom cabinets. You have endless possibilities, including installing corners for your cabinets to spice things up. You could choose to add mirrored doors in order to add luxury while also drawing attention to the décor and lighting of your room. These offer a very intriguing style in terms of kitchens. If mirrored doors are not your preference, you could choose the classic black or white cabinets, which highlight their tiled or marble countertops.

If, instead, you feel that the room is too big and that there's too much open space, you could choose to install a cooking or breakfast bar beside your custom cabinets. This will tone down your kitchen while carefully taking advantage of that extra space. It may also be a good idea to consider installing shelves under your counter tops; shelves which you may use to house your favourite recipes, cookbooks and pans.