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3 Natural Ways to Keep Aphids Away from Your Vegetable Patch

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Creating your own vegetable patch is a hugely rewarding activity. First of all, spending time outdoors in nature is relaxing and can de-stress you. Secondly, you will feel pride in cultivating beautiful and tasty bulbs of garlic, rosy red tomatoes, and crunchy carrots—all on your own. 

There is, however, one major threat to any vegetable patch—the aphid. Long story short, these little critters are prolific and they love your veggies! They will draw the juices out from your fruits and vegetables and in return plant a virus in its place that will render all your hard work totally inedible.

So what can you do about aphid pests without spraying your vegetable patch with horrible pesticides? Fortunately, there are some natural pest control methods that can keep your vegetable patch aphid free.

Use a water jet. This solution is so simple that it is often overlooked, and yet it can be very effective. Aphids cling to leafy greens like the leaves of broccoli and cabbage leaves with their legs, but they can be sprayed off with a powerful jet of water. They have weak legs so many will not be able to crawl back up the plants. Keep doing this every day for a week, and you could find that your aphids disappear with natural water alone—water that your veggies need anyway to grow and be healthy.

Grow calendula. It may seem counterintuitive to grow plants that attract aphids, but that's exactly what you are trying to do when you plant calendula next to your vegetable patch. This is because this plant is so attractive to aphids that all the pests will gravitate towards the plant and away from your prized vegetables. Calendula also attracts ladybirds, which are predators that can eat up your unwanted aphid population.

Plant garlic and mint. Alternatively, you can go down the opposite route and plant things that aphids really don't like. Two scents that aphids are repelled by are garlic and mint. Luckily, both are fairly easy to grow and don't seem like an odd addition to a vegetable patch. You can also use the garlic cloves, garlic leaves, and mint leaves to make a spray with water that you can spray over all of your other plants in your vegetable garden to keep pesky aphids at bay.

Hopefully these tips can help. If your aphid issue is out of control, contact pest control companies to learn about your options.