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The Best Ways of Caring for Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

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Teakwood is a very stable, strong and durable hardwood used to make furniture. However, not all teakwood materials are the same. If you are investing in new teak furniture, you should be sure to buy from reputable manufacturers using only the highest grades of teakwood that is harvested from controlled teakwood plantations.   

Outdoor teak furniture is an investment you can enjoy for a long time if you know how best to care for the same. While teakwood requires minimal maintenance, it is very important that you should know how to care for your teak furniture as well as what to avoid in the process.

Avoid Oiling Your Teak Furniture

Teak furniture does not need to be oiled unless it's meant for indoor use. Oiling makes the outdoor teak furniture to mould and develop irregular colouring in the process of weathering. The natural oil in the teakwood makes new teak furniture appear polished and smooth. Once the furniture is kept outdoors, the natural oil on the surface of the wood will eventually evaporate, making the surface appear grey. The remaining natural oil under the surface is what provides the wood with its characteristic durability. High-quality teak furniture can remain outdoors all year round without oiling.

Clean with Soapy Water and Soft Brush

If you are not comfortable with the consequent grey colour after the surface oil on the wood has evaporated, you can perfectly restore the original golden colour by cleaning your teak furniture. A soft bristle scrub brush along with mild soapy water is all what you need to properly clean the surfaces of the furniture. You can also use teak cleaners, which only require light scrubbing for an effective job.  After you are through with cleaning, apply a teak sealer so that this original colour can be maintained over long periods of time.

Maintain a Routine Cleaning Schedule

To provide the best care for your outdoor teak furniture, maintain a proper cleaning schedule. After every few weeks you should clean your furniture using warm soapy water. You can also add a few spoons of bleach well diluted, but rinse thoroughly with clean fresh water. When the furniture is not being used for extended periods, you should consider applying cover. These protective coverings should allow proper ventilation so that humidity is not trapped on your precious furniture. You should avoid using plastic or vinyl as a protective cover for your teak furniture. These ones will do more harm because they trap humidity, which is a major cause of furniture damage.

The above maintenance tips will ensure your furniture retains its good looks for a long while.