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Window shutters- Functionality Meets Style

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The styles and designs in window shutters have come a long way. Nowadays, shutters come in a wide range of colors, shapes and styles to match any decorative motif and window style. There are shutters which are more functional n protecting opening from harsh weather elements. The good thing is that nowadays you can find shutters that are not only functional but aesthetically appealing. When selecting window shutters, you need to factor in design features, materials and durability. Here is how to select the right shutters. 

Evaluate your home needs and shutter preferences

The décor motif you want to achieve will guide you on the right shutters to chose. Homeowners who want a vintage feel should opt for raised panel shutters. These shutters have rectangular patterns that create a traditional appearance. Louvered slats fitted with a opening and closing center railing are ideal for a cottage or country motif. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, louvered slats allow passage of air in the living space. If your motif is more functional vinyl shutters are long lasting and more affordable. Wood shutters cal also help you achieve a mixture of contemporary and traditional motif. They can be stained to coordinate with your existing décor. You can also find wooden rustic designs made of wood or vinyl.

Measure the size of your openings and windows

Shutters look stylish when they are fitted right. Ensure that you get accurate measurements so as to get the best fitting design. Many of shutters have a standard width (15 inches), however, they vary in length ranging from 36 to about 74 inches. If your windows have different dimensions, you can have your shutters customized.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Whether your home has double or single glazed windows, these openings contribute to about 30 percent of the heat loss in your house. This is because glass is a good conductor of heat. If you wish to save as much energy as you can, you need to consider energy-efficient shutters. Insulate shutters are a good choice because they help to retain warm air in the house. The insulation also helps to keep out noises. Modern solar shutters are another energy efficient choice. Solar shutters will not only block out harmful sunlight rays, but they can be used to convert sunlight into power. This way you can harness the power of the sun while saving on energy. They are pricier that regular shutters but a worthy long-term investment.