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Accessories to Consider When Installing Vinyl Flooring

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If you were contemplating new flooring for your home, vinyl flooring would be an ideal option to consider. This flooring comprises a type of plastic that is referred to as polyvinyl chloride. It is a durable yet cost effective alternative that comes in an array of styles, colours, patterns and designs. This gives you the flexibility to mimic other types of flooring such as hardwood or stone without having to break the bank. However, if you would like to make the most of the durability of this type of flooring, there are some accessories that you should consider. These accessories work toward enhancing its lifespan as well as its aesthetic appeal.

Underlay for your vinyl flooring

Underlay refers to a material that is applied directly onto the sub-flooring before your vinyl flooring is installed. This layer of materials works toward providing your vinyl flooring with moisture resistance. The underlay can also work toward insulating the room from both temperature changes as well as noise levels. If your sub-flooring has some irregularities such as bumps or cracks, you can install an underlay to make the surface smoother. This ensures that your vinyl flooring will not have any uneven surfaces. Underlay can be made from either plywood or hardboard.

Adhesive for your vinyl flooring

The main function of vinyl adhesive is to ensure that the flooring remains intact on the sub-floor. However, there are a number of other properties that your adhesive can provide you with. Opting for an adhesive that comes with a sealant will provide your vinyl flooring with an added protective layer against water damage. This will work toward enhancing the life span of your vinyl flooring, especially in rooms that experience extended exposure to moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Decorative trim for your vinyl flooring

Although vinyl flooring is durable, it is not immune to wear and tear. As such, you may find that over time the ends of the vinyl flooring begin to curl up and eventually pull away from the floor. To prevent this, it would be best to invest in some decorative trim. This trim works toward anchoring the edges of the vinyl flooring, hence keeping them in place for a significant amount of time. Additionally, the decorative trim comes in a myriad of colours, finishes and textures. This way you can use the trim to complement your walls in addition to it anchoring your vinyl flooring.