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Causes of Water Tank Pressure Regulator Problems

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When you install a water tank in your home, it is also recommended to have a pressure regulator. This device controls the amount of water that is directed into your household from your tank. By regulating the water pressure, you effectively decrease the chances of damage occurring to shower and faucets due to high water pressure. However, just as most devices, pressure regulators are not immune to mechanical problems. Here are some of the causes of problems that could afflict your water tank's pressure regulator.

The water tank's pressure is set extremely low

If you are experiencing problems with your water tank's pressure regulator, the most common culprit is low pressure setting in the first place. For the regulator to function there should be some water pressure for it to regulate. During installation, ensure that the lowest pressure setting for your household's needs is compatible with the lowest amount of pressure that the regulator can provide you with. An easy way to establish this would be by running two water systems simultaneously, for example both the dishwasher and the shower. This then sets the bar for you as the least amount of pressure that your household would require at any given time.

There are obstructions in the water pressure regulator

It is not uncommon for debris to make its way into your water tank. This is why it is recommended to have you water tank cleaned occasionally by professional technicians. However, if the sediment is left to stay in the tank for extended periods of time, it gets mixed with the water and will make its way into the pressure regulator. This sediment then ends up jamming the regulator's mechanism, impeding its functionality. It should be noted that the pipes within the pressure regulator are much smaller than those that run through your water tank. As such, even the smallest amount of sediment can cause blockages in the regulator. This then leads to your water tank short cycling of the tank's pump, decreased water pressure and even the regulator stopping to function in its entirety.

The water tank's pump is damaged

Your water tank's pressure regulator works in tandem with the pump that provides the water pressure that needs to be regulated. If you turn on the regulator but cannot hear the pump operating, then it is time to enlist professional services to either repair or replace it. Without pumping water, the regulator has no water pressure to regulate into your home. 

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