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What Residential Drafting Services are Available for Home Remodeling?

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When you think of having your home remodeled, you may think of going to a contractor first. The truth is, a contractor can help with pre-planned ideas like home extensions, but they may not be the ideal option if you have something more in mind. If you know you want to go back to an original floor plan for a vintage home, or that you want to create an entirely new plan after a fire or natural disaster, then going to a residential drafting service may be the ideal option. If you aren't familiar with residential drafting services, here are a few things you should consider for your home remodeling.

Floor Plan Services

In cases where you want to gut the house and use the original frame, a floor plan for the new home may be necessary. A residential drafting service can help you with this. They can use the original floor plans, combined with the ideas you have, to create a new floor plan that works for you. If you have a vintage home that you are working on, they can also take floor plans from that time period and incorporate them into your current home. This can lead to having a more authentic looking floor plan and offering you the option of a floor plan that meets your needs and your family's needs.

Foundation Plans

In some cases, your floor plan is fine, but the original foundation has issues. You may have areas where it is sinking or having issues from repeated contracting attempts over the years to keep the foundation solid. If this is the case, you may be able to benefit from residential drafting services that create foundation plans that will work for your home. Your current floor plan and home design are considered for the foundation plan. Once you decide on the plan you want, an underpinning or restumping contractor can help with moving the home as well as pouring the new foundation and repinning the house to the new solid base.

Electrical Plans

One of the more common issues with vintage homes, or remodeling issues, is the electrical work. You may have areas of the home that have updated electrical work while other parts of the home have very old electrical work. This can cause issues that require you to have the entire electrical system of your home reworked for your safety. If this is the case, a residential drafting service can help you come up with an electrical plan that will work with your home and maintain the balance of electricity that your home consumes on a normal basis. They can even incorporate solar plans with this plan if you are wanting to move to that type of power backup option.

These are only three of the services that a residential drafting service may provide. For more information on service options and pricing, contact a local drafting service contractor, such as those at Stylewise Designs, for a consultation.