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4 Questions To Help You Decide If A Big Dream House Is Best For You

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Big homes are alluring and impressive. They ooze with the lavishness that most people think of when talking about a dream home. However, is a big house right for you? When you are finally in a position to build your own home, should you build big or for something more 'measured'? In this article, find the 4 questions you ought to ask yourself before building a big home.

How many people will live in it?

At the most basic level, any house is just a shelter for people to live in. And that should lead you to ask yourself just how many people you're building the house for? Once you answer that, evaluate just how much space and how many rooms each of those people need. This should help you get an idea of what the right size of your house should be in terms of the number of rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Is it your primary place of residence?

It goes without saying that a primary residence should get more favour than a secondary home. You can manage to share a limited space for the limited time you're in a secondary home. However, you may not be able to do the same in your primary residence. With that said, feel free to carve out more space for a primary residence. However, for a secondary home, consider just how often you'll be visiting and how many people will be in attendance at any given time.  

What are the maintenance costs?

Lots of people never think about maintenance costs when building. One of the downsides with big homes is that they require lots of maintenance in terms of cleaning, repairs, service, labour, and utility costs. Talk to a home builder to get an idea of the maintenance costs that will be involved with your home. If the costs are too high, then scale that project down to a size that best meets your budget.

Can the property be put to commercial use?

Even where money is not an issue, you still have to think about what the financial value of your property will be. Are people into big houses in the area? Should you ever want to sell the house, how much would it fetch? Also, consider what other commercial uses the property could be put into, e.g. renting or conversions. The answers you get will tip you whether to go big or smaller.

If your house will host lots of people and maintenance or building costs are not a problem, then by all means go for your big dream home. However, if worried about maintenance costs or if your house is not a primary residence and will not be housing a crowd, think of going smaller.