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What To Remember Before Building A Patio

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A home patio can be a great addition for relaxing and increasing the value of your home, or increasing its potential to sell if you decide to put it on the real estate market. Before you build a patio, like any other renovation project at home, you want to ensure you've taken into consideration all factors about its overall design and construction. Note a few things that many homeowners tend to overlook when setting out to build a patio.

1. Zoning laws and taxes

It's easy to think that your home is your business to do with as you please, but zoning laws and other such restrictions can affect your patio design. Many areas have limitations that are called setbacks, which define how far back from your property line your home and all its features must be set. Your patio usually needs to be within that setback, so check on this before you build. Zoning laws or other restrictions in your neighborhood in particular may affect the materials you use to build your patio. For example, some neighborhoods may prohibit wood decks or carports over a patio area.

It's also good to check with a local assessor's office to see how of an increase in property taxes you might expect. Very large or ornate patios may increase the value of your home significantly, so in turn, you may see a larger tax bill every year. It's good to check on this before you build so you can adjust your plans if necessary.

2. Materials for the build

Slate and crushed granite are very good materials to use for a patio as they're meant to withstand exposure to the elements and have a depth and texture to their surface that is very visually appealing. However, if these are too expensive, you might opt for standard bricks. These can be set on their side in a mosaic pattern.

Another concern regarding slate and even bricks is that their surface is not very level, so if you want to have a dining area on your patio, you might need a surface that will stay level so that your dining table doesn't wobble. Poured concrete is a good choice for keeping a patio level and even, and it's also one of the most affordable options. Concrete can be painted or stained to look like slate, granite, or many other materials, so you get a high-end look for much less money, and can create a patio surface that works for a dining table.

For more information, contact a patio builder in your area.