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One Poor Step for Man, One Giant Fall for Mankind: Think "Outer Space" to Secure Your Stairway

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It's very easy to forget that the stairway in your home poses so many risks to your health and safety. But you need to be aware of your staircase in order to stay safe in your home. A great way to transform the seemingly ordinary aspect of going up and down your stairs is to compare it to something wildly extravagant: journeying into outer space in a shuttle.

By comparing your simple staircase to an awe-inspiring venture into space, remembering the rules of safety for stairways may come a little quicker to mind, and will help to keep both you and your family safe as a result. Listed here are ways in which you can secure the safety of your stairway and prevent yourself from crashing down to earth with a bump.

Clear the Runway

You wouldn't permit a take-off in a space shuttle when there was debris on the runway, and in the same manner you should never ascend or descend your staircase when there are objects in the way. One of the biggest causes of accidents on staircases is down to clothes, kids' toys, washing baskets and other random objects being left on the steps. All it takes is one slight toe stub on one of these items and you could end up losing your balance and seriously injuring yourself.

Likewise, if there are any pieces of loose rug or wobbling floorboards, these need to be tied/fixed immediately. Never opt for a temporary measure in these instances; hire in a professional who can make a full-proof repair. If the runway isn't right, it's not appropriate to take off.

Safe Take Off, Reliable Landing

For a completely smooth and safe take-off and landing, you need to make sure that you have a little helping hand to make sure you don't come falling back to earth with a bump or end up crashing down too quickly. Banisters on either side of your staircase wall to ensure that you always have something to hold onto. Not only can this look extremely classy, but it'll provide you with a terrific safety net if you end up stalling during your ascent, or fumbling during your trip back down.

For the steps themselves, it's worth installing anti-slip treads or mats in order to create a grip to defy gravity. By taking this measure, you can provide more slippy surfaces like wood with a great source of traction, and allow each and every take-off and landing to be reliable, simple and safe.

Light Up the Darkness

One of the most astonishing and scary thoughts about venturing into space is encountering the unknown; hurling yourself into a pitch-black galaxy where darkness stretches beyond you. In this scenario, there is the potential for all kinds of unseen danger to jump out at you. Well, by leaving your staircase positioned under the cover of darkness, you also take the same kind of risk that astronauts take by venturing into a black, unfamiliar environment.

All it takes is one missed step for you to go tumbling back down into the darkness, and it's absolutely essential to have a light fixture installed on the staircase, and both subsequent landings for maximum illumination so that your steps are always well lit. Another good method is to install LED lights, which make every single step unmistakable at any time of day.

Restricted Access

Only experienced and well-trained astronauts should be allowed to make their way up into space. Indeed there needs to be restricted access for anyone who isn't intimately familiar with the process and isn't an expert. The same goes for your staircase. Make your stairway a place of restricted access for young children by bolting down baby gates at both the top and bottom to ensure there is no way for them to wander into the area.

 Remember that as kids get older, they may figure out mechanisms that can open the doors up, so make sure you choose an appropriate baby gate that your child cannot get through under any circumstances. Some simply aren't ready to take that step into space expedition.

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