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3 Sleek and Contemporary Flooring Options for Your Home

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If your tastes are firmly rooted in the twenty-first century, the aesthetics of your home should reflect your contemporary, minimal approach to interiors. This means doing away with clutter, removing frills and patterns in favour of sleek edges, and opting for cool and crisp colour tones.

For a truly modern feel, you will have to pay particular attention to the flooring options that you choose inside your home. Carpet will feel too soft and homely, and certain wood grains will give your home a rustic feel that you don't want. So what are your options? Here are three flooring options to consider.

Concrete. If you want to go for something in your home that looks industrial, concrete is the perfect choice. The floor will be perfectly smooth, and you can either keep its natural light grey colour or add an additional colour to it if you wish to have a darker effect on the floor. For a statement design, geometric patterns can also be painted on to the concrete and then sealed with a high sheen epoxy gloss. This is a job for a professional concrete worker and should not be attempted by DIY amateurs.

Wide board flooring. Wooden floorboards are often associated with homes that go for more of a country, shabby chic look, but if you opt for wide board flooring, you can elevate the aesthetics of your room to a cool and contemporary space. Because the width of the planks is so much bigger, you will see fewer lines between floorboards, and more clean, expansive space. Painted white, these wide planks will look even wider, creating a light and bright feel in any room. The average length of a hardwood wide plank is 7 inches, while the average length of a pine wide plank is 11 inches.

Vinyl. If you are working to a budget, vinyl is a great choice for the wallet conscious decorator (costing less than $7 per square foot on average) who still wants an expensive, sleek look in the home. The great thing about vinyl tiles is they are aesthetically versatile and can be made to look like many other more expensive materials, whether that's concrete or marble. Something to be wary of is that when laying a floor of vinyl tiles, it is important to have a seamless join between the tiles to create the sleek look you are going for. This can be hard to achieve alone so it might be worth leaning on the talents of a handyperson so you have the finish you desire.