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Lawn Mowers | 3 Glitches Reducing The Efficiency Of Your Lawn Mower

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Lawn mowers are great assets to possess when you own a backyard because they help you cut grass without much stress. While regular lawn mower maintenance is important to prevent problems and to prolong its shelf life, regular wear is inevitable and increases the chance of a glitch occurring occasionally. This guide aims to help you understand and solve glitches that reduce the efficiency of lawn mowers.

Your Lawn Mower Refuses To Start

This common problem has several different triggers. Your lawn mower may refuse to start if the fuel tank is empty, so make sure it is filled before any mowing task. Old fuel can also trigger starting problems, so always drain your fuel tank when you don't plan on using it for a while. This is especially important when you store your lawn mower away for the cold season. Your lawn mower may also refuse to start because of a dirty air filter. Remove the air filter from inside the lawn mower unit and clean it thoroughly using soap and water. If the air filter is old, you may need to replace it completely. You can get a new air filter from a local home improvement store for your specific model.

Your Lawn Mower Loses Power While Mowing

Lawn mowers can even go off in the middle of your mowing task because of dirty air filters and dirty spark plugs. When this happens, you'll notice your lawn mower's engine puttering and shutting down. Dirty air filters must be cleaned or replaced depending on the extent of the buildup and damage to them. A dirty spark plug's end must also be cleaned with a soft cloth because it ignites engine fuel to power your lawn mower. If the spark plug appears corroded or worn out, you may need to replace it immediately. Spark plugs are available at home improvement stores. Make sure you choose one that suits your lawn mower model.

Your Lawn Mower Gives You An Uneven Cut

If you notice this problem, it could be because of excessive buildup of clippings or debris on the lawn mower's underside. If the blades are clogged with grass clippings, take your mower to a hard surface and turn it off. Clean the underside blades by hosing them down. This will remove the grass from the blade crevices. You may also need to remove grass clumps and other debris from the blades with your hands. Use rubber gloves to protect your hand from nicks and cuts. Wait for the blades to dry before using your lawn mower once again. If your blades appear to be blunt, then you will need to get them sharpened.

Troubleshooting and solving these glitches in lawn mowers quickly will help you optimise the performance of your unit. For more information about keeping mowers in good condition, contact a local supplier like Cox Mowers