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Need Storage? 4 Steps To Pack Your Artwork For Storage

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If you're renovating or planning a move, then you have to store most of your items in a storage unit until you can use them. Storing artwork is a lot trickier than storing regular furniture because excess humidity and temperatures can ruin the paint. While it's important to choose climate-controlled storage units, you should also follow these steps to pack your precious artwork.

Clean The Framing And Paintwork

Clean the framing around the painting and the paintwork itself to ensure that dust doesn't end up ruining this precious piece of art. Use a clean and lint-free microfibre cloth to remove dust and debris from all the surfaces as carefully as possible. If there are any metal objects like nails or hooks, clean then with some oil to prevent the formation of rust. You can also varnish the wooden frame to protect it for longer.

Protect The Frame With Covering And Wrap The Painting In A Blanket

To protect the frame from any damage, be sure to tape thick pieces of cardboard to the corners. This will keep it safe from chips and cracks. Instead of cardboard, you can also use polystyrene panels to protect the frame from damage. Once you have secured the frame, cover the painting in a soft and breathable blanket and secure it with tape for extra protection. Avoid using plastic covering because it is not a breathable material, which could cause moisture beads to form and damage the paintwork from the inside.

Place Inside A Box

Once you have securely wrapped your painting, make sure you have an appropriately sized cardboard box handy. Fill the box with crumpled packing paper to protect the painting from hitting the ground. Place the painting over the packing paper and fill the rest of the box with more paper. This will ensure that the frame sits snugly inside. Keep in mind that your painting should not be allowed to move even slightly to protect it from getting damaged, so be sure to pack the paper carefully inside the box. Secure the box with packing tape and mark the box as fragile.

Place Inside Temperature-Controlled Storage Unit

When placing the box inside the temperature-controlled self-storage unit, avoid placing it directly against walls or in dark corners. While the unit is temperature controlled, keep in mind that walls can still carry some moisture, which could damage your painting. Avoid stacking any other items above this box to keep it protected.

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