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Kitchen Renovations: Considerations for the Smaller Kitchen

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Do you have a small kitchen with a lack of storage or worktop space? Are you able to throw some money at the problem? While renovating your kitchen will do nothing to change the size of your room, with careful planning and good design choices you can end up with a kitchen with more functionality. Before parting with your cash, consider the following tips for creating a kitchen that looks bigger and works better.

Think Design -- Not Just Installation

If you or your other half are DIY capable, and you're on a tight budget, it might be tempting to go for a flat-packed kitchen that you can install yourself. However, a well-functioning kitchen is not just about installing kitchen units; it's also about good design. If that's not your strong point then consulting a kitchen designer can be invaluable. Some companies offer this service for free if you're buying your kitchen from them. They will work with the area you have using a computer program which allows them to maximise storage and space.

Think outside the Box That Is Your Kitchen

The lack of worktop space and storage are the two primary complaints of people with small kitchens. If you're planning to do the job without a designer involved, then make these areas your priority. You can maximise your storage by choosing wall cabinets that go up to the ceiling. Utilising the dead space left by conventional wall cabinets can give you so much more storage. Use it to store little-used items.   

If adding more counters isn't possible, utilise the worktop space that you have. Put away gadgets that you don't often use instead of leaving them on the worktop. Cooking utensils can be hung on walls above the cooker, from a hook and pole system.  A ceramic hob can double up as a worktop when not in use. If an electric hob is not for you, then consider a gas cooker with a fold down lid.

Think Decor That Gives the Impression of Space

Light gives the illusion of space. If you're going for cabinets, consider light-coloured cabinets with a high gloss finish. The shiny coating will reflect light around. Using metal splashbacks will have the same effect. For walls, light-coloured paints will give the impression of space and mirrored tiling will suggest depth.

When deciding on your window dressing, you want to maximise the light coming in. If privacy isn't an issue and your window frames are nice, then consider having a bare window. Alternatively, Venetian blinds can work well. They will provide privacy while allowing you to adjust the slats throughout the day to maximise and direct the light coming in.