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How to Create an Italian Country Kitchen

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If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation, and you want to capture the essence of a traditional Tuscan kitchen in the valleys of the Italian countryside, this is something that you can totally capture in your interior design. All of your friends will want to hang out with you for lasagne nights and negroni cocktails if you just follow this advice.

Italian marble for a splash of luxury. What could be more Italian than Italian marble? Of course, for most people, replacing every kitchen surface with marble is totally not within the realms of their budget. But this doesn't mean that you can't play with accents of marble. For example, you can install a marble splashback behind your stove. This is ideal because marble is wipe-clean and repels moisture and stains. And if your budget is really tight, you could always purchase something like a marble knife block.

Prioritise the dining space. A true Italian country kitchen is not just a place to cook – it's also a place to hang out with your neighbours, and most importantly, to eat lavish meals with friends and family. If you have space for it, a big dining table or a large kitchen island that can double as a dining space is ideal. For a truly rustic Italian look, avoid any shiny or contemporary materials. A wooden dining surface is your best choice, but remember that you will have to treat the wood so that it doesn't warp or stain when it comes into contact with heat and moisture.

Display your food. An Italian kitchen is not a space where you have to hide everything away in your cupboards. In fact, you should show off beautiful ingredients from the market as much as you can. A towering bowl of lemons in the centre of a table is just as beautiful as a vase of flowers, and they will make your kitchen smell incredible. You could also put an Italian herb garden on display, with essential ingredients such as basil, oregano, and parsley, which can be grown on any windowsill.

Dramatic lighting. Forget about recess lighting and subtle pendant lights. In an Italian country kitchen, you can make a statement with lighting. Something more ornate, such as a chandelier, would look beautiful over a kitchen island or dining table. You might also want to place faux electric candles around a dining space to create a warm glow. 

For more ideas for your themed kitchen renovations, work closely with an experienced contractor or interior design specialist.